Alrajhi Safety Company

Alrajhi Safety co. was established in 1998 as an organization that is specialized in retail and extinguishers repair. In 2003, the company started expanding and adding more products range in aspects like safety systems and firefighting networks. It successfully gained civil defense license.

in addition to the many services the company provides is conducting repair services agreements with several governmental entities, medical sectors, private agencies, warehouses and workshops. It has finished implementation of numerous projects for the national guards, the royal court, the ministry of health, the ministry of commerce, and the border guards.

Alrajhi Safety company is based in Riyadh with branches in Dammam, Madina el-Monawara, Makkah and Khamis Mushait.

The company has around 1200 highly skilled workers.

Yet they strive to keep the high reputation in the field and expand business to provide high quality and valued products. And also adopting various well-known professional business practices and modern information systems that optimize and steer the business.