Asad Almonshat

Asas Almonshat co. is an organization that is specialized in retail and distribution of infrastructure projects. It is a combination of three entities:
 • Mawad Almonshat: specialized in the field of building tools and materials.
  • Imad Almonshat: specialized in the field of plumbing and sanitary ware.
  • Asas Almonshat: specialized in the field of electricity.

As of today It holds the name of Asas Almonshat company integrates the abovementioned work fields. Decoration and paints will soon be added. Currently, we own several branches in addition to the head office located in Riyadh, Al-Dahran street. In the meantime, we are looking forward to improving business and extend our presence in other cities in KSA..
Asas Almonshat is one of the leading companies in electrical products, building materials, sanitary ware and cleanliness tools used at home, offices, hotels, touristic resorts, and other commercial establishments. Due to the fact that we utilize our own products, we have now become one of the top suppliers of world-class products in commercial and residential sectors, and of the world's most respected trademark products.

As a result, We were able to stabilize our position in the market by means of the continuous production of the highest quality and most up-to-date commodities that are offered with competing prices.

We strive relentlessly to insure innovative designs and outstanding quality standards to our clients.

We as distributors in wholesale sector strive to meet each of our clients' ever-changing demands. This is ultimately achieved through timely delivery of their needs, whatsoever.

Our full range of commodities including those in construction fields and interior designation are distinguished by their elegant designs and ingenious features, making them ideal in their usage.

Furthermore, we sincerely insure that our products in all fields are manufactured using high quality materials that meet international quality standards. After confirming all these procedures, we distribute our products in their perfect forms to our clients in the various industrial fields, and by way of our modern exhibitions, too.

We are proud of our success in dealing with the special requirements of several projects such as: governmental projects, corporates and factories projects, hotel and resort projects, warehouse projects, and commercial and residential projects.