Alyan Farms

- Alyan Farms is one of the leading organic production farms in KSA, and collectively is one of the branches of Khaled Alrajhi Holding co. they are specialized in producing and manufacturing organic dates, along with organic animal production (local poultry breeding, Organic egg production, Naimi sheep breeding, and organic meat production)

- Alyan farms was founded in 2009, and currently it’s a combination of (Alyan1- Alyan2)

- Located along Makkah road in Tebrak area that is 100 km to the south from Riyadh, these farms extend to 1,250,000 m2 in, and own 10,000 different types of palms (Almujadwal – Alsaqae – alkhudri – alkhalas – Alanbra – Alsafawi – Nobot Alsultan) next to Labanh dates factory and its organic products. Also, the farms are equipped with cooling and freezing devices that are special to the organization, but can also be rented to others. In 2010, Alyan Farms achieved an organic certificate from the European Organic Farms Organization (the Echocert), and another one from the Ministry of Saudi Agriculture in 2012, and another organic certification award, in 2013, from the Saudi Agricultural Institution, of which Alyan entity is currently a member of. It also won the Altawtheek Saudi Animal Production Farms and Organic Poultry Company’s trademark in 2013.

- Since then, Alyan has accomplished good reputation in producing hibiscus, peppermint and organic dried basil, along with the production of organic dates, meats and eggs.

- Alyan is currently working with all the hopes to expand its measures overseas to invest in more organic production.